Mt 2100 slm"

Place: Inferior lakes of the Ischiator Frazione Bagni di Vinadio - Vinadio (CN)

The Hut is on a rocky spur that seems to bar the valley of the Ischiator; from the summit of the spur one can enjoy a beautiful view on the Inferior Little ponds of the Ischiator, two splendid mirrors of water, partly transformed in green ponds, where in the summer white locks of erioforo bloom.

Beyond these mirrors of water there is an imposing rocky barrier that culminates in the Gioffredo top (2903 mt). The tall and imposing stone structure, is characterized by an unmistakable style, almost as hotel "Belle Epoque" brought to over two thousand meters altitude. In fact the building was built in 1934 as hotel on the top of the mountain.

After the devastations of the war and years of neglect, the building was taken over by the Province of Cuneo, that, in 1962 restored it and gave it to the section of Fossano for its management. This last one bought it in 1979. The Shelter has been among the first ones to use solar panels for the production of electric energy. The shelter has also Internet connection to best meet its guestsí needs and give an additional service to people who arrive at the shelter and look for information.

Refuge Migliorero - mt 2100 slm - Bagni di Vinadio on the High Stura valley
Guardians: Bagnis Oscar - Tel. Refuge 0171.95802 - Tel. Guardian 338.8009474 - Albergo(Hotel) Nasi 0171.95834

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